Seeds of Gratitude


Did you know that your soul-purpose in this world is to tend your Sacred Garden? In a way, our life is quite similar to plants. Just as most plants yearn for sunlight, we are always looking for something to make us feel good. We are looking for financial independence, perfect health and perfect relationship believing that this is what we need to make us happy. However, deep inside we are looking for the light, yearning to become one with god without knowing that we’ve never been separated from god.

The best way to manifest your heart desire is to know that you aready have within you all that you are looking for and all you have to do now is to plant the seeds of gratitude within your heart and watch it grow.

Here is how you can look after your Sacred Garden, through the power of Gratitude.

This technique teaches the art of planting Seeds of Gratitude in the heart, inviting each bearer to remember she/he is the Soul gardener of her/his sacred life, and able to enjoy a fruit-full experience no matter what the ‘outside’ world looks like. This is a very powerful technique to manifest whatever you want in your life.

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