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Four Steps to Get the Perfect Relationship

 If you want to have the perfect relationship with the perfect partner start by writing down a list of the qualities that you want that other person to have and think about developing those qualities within you.

Secondly, for 15 minutes when you wake up in the morning, and for another 15 minutes before you go to sleep, vividly imagine that you are living the life you desire. See what you see, hear what you hear and feel what you’ll feel. How will you know, how could you tell, what would you see, how would you feel if your life is exactly as you want it to be?

Here are four steps for creating a highly functional and fulfilling relationship.

  • Show up. That is, bring your full attention and awareness to the moment. Try to keep you mind present in the moment, letting go of the influences of the past and the hopes and expectations for the future. Try to see what is really going on in the moment by giving the present moment your full attention.
  • Pay attention. Stay with what is going on between you and the other, and pay attention to the needs and wants that each of you bring to the moment. You must learn not to let the mind wander, but bring your full attention to the interaction at hand.
  • Give the relationship your best effort. Watch yourself against becoming sloppy in the relationship by thinking you know what is going on, or that you fully understand either yourself or the other. Try to be your best self in all situations, and try to bring the other person’s best self out in every situation.
  • Avoid being attached to specific outcomes. This is the hardest part, since most people feel there would be no reason to try to be their best self if they were not attached to a specific outcome. However, this kind of attachment can become the source of a lot of suffering, both for you and the other. Try to stay open to see what might be arising, but don’t get caught in the trap of stories that your mind projects, believing that it holds liberation for you or your partner.

For relationship coaching, please contact me. In the mean time, you may want to try one of the ebooks below. Check the relationship posts for relationships advice.

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