Subliminal Mp3s & CDs

Unleash the maximum potential 0f  the mind to attain your goals!

For centuries, it has taken years of physical, mental and spiritual training to achieve peak states of consciousness. My subliminal CDs and MP3 will help you quickly learn to harness the power of your mind to help you in your quest for personal health, happiness, self growth and fulfillment.

Subliminal Messaging – Does it work?

Listening to subliminal cds or mp3 can result in very powerful effects. We all know that. So powerful, in fact, that the U.S. Government banned subliminal messages on radio and television in 1974. Reports stated they “gave individuals and companies too much of an edge”.

Change your behaviour overnight

What’s best is that these methods work while you sleep communicating directly to your unconscious mind. Imagine regaining control of your life once again. Think how liberating it will feel to be free of the bad habits that control your very existence.

Experience a sublimal MP3 or CD that will make an essential difference in the way you live your life. You can finally regain control of the fears, anger, guilt and other powerful emotions that rise up and take you down paths of waste and being unproductive. No longer will stuff  such as overeating, smoking, limiting values, beliefs and decisions hold your life in hostage.

Subliminal Mp3 – Price: AUD$9.90 (Instant delivery)
Subliminal CD – Price: AUD$20.00+postage

Contact us   to order your subliminal MP3s or  CDs.  Choose from the list below.  Selected MP3s will be emailed to you once payment has been processed.

Alcohol Goal Accomplishment  
Anger/Temper Guilt Secret of Study Habits
Arthritic and Other Pain   Self Confidence
Asthma Healing Sleepeasy
  High Blood Pressure  Stop Smoking
Blushing Improve memory Grinding Teeth
Childbirth Internal Conflicts  
Childbirth:Coping with IVF treatment    
Concentration Jealousy  
Increase Self Confidence    
Concentration Migraine/ Headaches  
Creating Creative Abilities Nail Biting  
Depression Pain  
Disease Problem Solving  
Drug Addiction Procrastinating  
Exams Protective Shield  
  Public Speaking  

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