Topics of conversation when you are on a date

Some people finds it difficult to interact socially with other people.  Here are some areas to explore if you are really interested in a long lasting relationship with someone.  By finding out about those small things you can learn more about the other person and you will be able to see if you are really made for each other.  Those topics can also be useful even if you just want to create more connection with people around you.  Here goes:

1. Favorite meal 2. Special hobbies and interests 3. Two closest friends 4. Worst enemy or rival 5. Two people most admired 6. Favorite movie 7. Favorite TV shows 8. Favorite kind of animal 9. Ideal vacation destination 10. Favorite sports to watch and follow 11. First thing this person would buy if he or she won the lottery 12. One thing this person would like to change about you 13. One thing you could do to improve your relationship with this person 14. Favorite types of clothes to wear 15. Least favorite relative 16. Favorite relative 17. Favorite holiday 18. Least favorite holiday 19. Ideal job 20. Favorite way to spend evenings at home 21. Favorite kind of books 22. Favorite musical group, composer, or instrument 23. Favorite ways to spend weekends 24. Toughest problem this person has faced 25. Favorite restaurants 26. Favorite magazine 27. Places or events this person would find most uncomfortable 28. Most comforting pastime when sick 29. Saddest life event 30. Worst life event 31. Happiest life event 32. Favorite way to exercise 33. Ideal birthday present 34. Two worst fears or disaster scenarios 35. Best recent day 36. Worst recent day 37. Two things that make this person very angry 38. Current stresses or worries 39. Best parts of this person’s current job or school life 40. Worst parts of this person’s current job or school life 41. Favorite way to spend time with friends 42. Favorite way to get over being sad 43. Best vacation this person ever had 44. Favorite way to get your attention 45. Two reasons this person is proudest of himself or herself 46. Gift this person would give to you for your birthday 47. Fondest unrealized dream 48. Activity that makes this person feel most competent 49. Personal improvements this person wants to make In his or her life. 50. Secret ambition.
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