Open your mind to enlightenment

The mystery of life is in the words “I am” presence.

Turn within, for all that is
Sought can be found in
None other place…

 This exercise will allow you to open your consciousness to the presence of god so that you can tap into divine wisdom, divine guidance, and divine strength through the Christ spirit within. 

In consciousness of God´s ever-presence, there are no tomorrows; time and space are not; there is only the eternal now and the holy ground of God´s infinity.  In this moment and in this place, the manna falls abundantly.  All good flows out from the center of my being supplying my every need, ‘filling me with the living water, the bread of life, and the meat which perisheth not’.

1. Make yourself physically comfortable. Sit erect, with your spine straight, your feet planted firmly on the floor, your hands relaxed in your lap, and breathe normally.

  • There is no mystical reason for this; it is very simple: When the body is perfectly comfortable, one is not conscious of it.
  • Take a breath and count to four. Breathe in and out four or five times counting to quiet your mind. Breathe normally.

2.   Next, repeat silently or audibly, “I turn within to the Christ of my own being.” If thoughts enter, repeat this phrase.

3.   We will never be able to stop the mind completely. If human thoughts or concerns enter, do not fight them. Let go of any current problem in your life, drop it all. Relax, let the thoughts  come and then let them go. As you practice, this interruption will subside. Be patient.

4.    Now move to the subject, “What is God?” You are not interested in another’s concept of God; you are only interested in asking, “What is God?” and receiving the answer from God. The kingdom of God is within you, so the answer must come from within your own being.

  • Sit quietly and ask, “Speak Lord, your servant is listening, ” or “Father, I am here, speak.”

5.    Assume a listening attitude as if you were waiting to hear the answer. Thoughts may come.  Think about God as the source of our being and all that is, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient.

6.    Someday, while meditating and pondering this idea, “What is God?” realizing now the nature of prayer, you will suddenly find that you cannot think any more; you have come to the end of thought about God and prayer. Then you will sit quietly, at peace – no more thoughts, no more questions, no more answers, just peace.  Thought will be quietened; the inner ear will open; and a long deep breath, like a sigh of relief or a sense of release, will probably come to you.  It will be as if you were escaping from something, as if a burden were dropping off your shoulders.

It will appear in many different ways, and when that release or relief comes, you will be so full of the Spirit that you will want to get right up and do the work that lies ahead for the day, or perhaps some work that has been neglected.  With that release will come divine wisdom, divine guidance, and divine strength, for this reason:  That deep breath, that “click” or release, was a God-experience-the actual presence or activity of God in your consciousness.

Extract from the”Living the Infinite Way” by Joel Goldsmith

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