A Prayer

Father, we thank you for loving us not because of our own righteousness, or our own superior wisdom, or strength, or power, or numbers. But simply because of your unconditional love for us.

Just as you have accepted us when we did not deserve your love, will you help us to accept those whom we find it hard to love? Forgive us, Lord, for any attitude that we may have that on any level sees ourselves as better as or more righteous than others.  Will you help us to remove the barriers of prejudice and to tear down the walls of religious or social prejudice? Lord, help us realise that the walls that we erect for others only form our own prisons!

Will you fill us with your love and make us so full that there is no more room for intolerance. As you have forgiven us much, will you give us the strength to forgive others even more? Will you enable us through your abiding Presence among us, communally and individually, to live our lives in a manner worthy of you?

May we, through your guidance and our faithful obedience, in ways that we have not imagined, shine with love so that we become the light for others around us?

We thank you for your love; ask for your continued Presence with us everyday of our lives.

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