You can achieve whatever you want by just ‘changing’ your mind

We like to perceive ourselves as being honest and consistent and sometimes we have an unconscious attachment to negativity.  Have you ever said, “I can’t find my keys”? What the thinker thinks, the prover proves.  Your unconscious mind, the universe and any other beings such as your higher self, angels and guides will give you exactly what your think you can get.

Next time this happens, say ‘I can find my keys.’ and notice how quickly you discover them. Of course, this principle applies to everything else in your life too.

You can start to identify the areas where you’ve been saying ‘I can’t’, and changing them.  I can have fun building passive income streams. I can feel good about my developing wealth. I can find the right partner. I can enjoy perfect health. I can have fulfilling relationships.  I can find the perfect parking spot. I can be very confident.  I can express myself perfectly.  

You will be surprised to see how easily and effortlessly you can achieve what you desire.

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